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Markus Ryberg och Magnus Haugerud, gundarna av AddExport Sweden AB

We at AddExport help businesses launch products and generate sales in markets across the globe.

This is really exciting and rewarding, if you ask us.

As experienced business developers with a solid network, we believe in doing a good job without unnecessary frills.

We will analyse and design a sustainable strategy to help you grow your sales internationally.

Whether you’re planning a major or a small-scale expansion, we’re here to help.

Start your export journey today!

We believe in sustainable export sales.

The basis for the work with our sustainability policy is our vision, business concept and brand promise.


The target groups for our sustainability work include our customers, employees, owners, suppliers and other stakeholders as well as the society in which we operate. We take our starting point in the UN's global principles and Agenda 2030 (Global Goals).


Our sustainability work must be a basic and guiding principle for our business. For us, openness about sustainability work is important.


We want to be transparent with our work and demand the same openness and dialogue with suppliers and customers. We want to try to influence the small and contribute to the big. This means that we sort our waste at source, we only travel by car and plane in cases where other travel routes are not economically sustainable and we prioritize digital meetings over long journeys. We want to encourage and inspire others to their sustainability work.

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