Export strategy

An export strategy is about getting your product and business ready for sales in an international market. But do you know exactly where you’re headed? What should you do to attain your goals? When should the different actions be carried out, and who should do what? And what about the necessary resources? Have you thought of everything? 

Your export strategy serves as a marketing plan and a concrete guide for speeding up your export journey. It also helps you to avoid common pitfalls when entering your new market. .

Things we can help you with:

  • Export marketing plan.

  • Pricing strategy for your product.

  • Marketing strategy.

  • Choice of sales channels.

  • Resource analysis: what are your staffing and funding needs?

  • Export budget.

  • Goal matrix and measurable, sustainable goals


If you’ve already established a strategy, an Analysis in preparation for export or Marketing and export sales might be more suited to your needs. 



We at AddExport help businesses generate sales and expand their presence in markets across the globe.

Analysis before export

Export strategy

Market and export sales