We help you grow internationally


AddExport helps companies grow internationally. Not by showing graphs, giving out a theoretical program or offering courses, but by actually rolling up our sleeves.


We can help you with the marketing on markets you want to introduce your products on. Our services also include finding distributors or resellers, participating in fairs and giving you a good foundation for a successful introduction. Of course it is up to you to decide how much help you want.

Are you thinking about introducing your product on an international market, or have you already started but have only gotten so far? AddExport can help you with all of it or provide you with the missing piece of the puzzle.

Contact us today and we can find out how AddExport can help you expand your business.

The team

We have more than 25 years’ combined experience in international business development. What is unique about AddExport is the competence we have in technology, marketing and international trade as well as distribution.

Collaborate with us.

Markus Ryberg

CEO, Owner

As a business developer and international marketing manager, Markus has been introducing innovative Swedish products on a global market for a long time, mainly in Europe, North America and parts of Asia.


He has documented experience in global communication, business development, export, brand positioning and building a distribution network with retailers and agents.


Markus has an education in international marketing, business administration and project management from the universities of Karlstad and Luleå.


In his leisure time he likes to travel, especially when combined with diving.

Contact Markus Ryberg

+46 54 444 2851

Magnus Haugerud


Magnus has worked as a international sales manager, product developer and technical manager for innovative Swedish products.


As a branch manager within the automotive industry, Magnus was in charge of spare parts and accessories. He has had his own companies that imported and sold motorcycles and accessories from Germany. Magnus has also been a travel assembler and repairer within the process industry.


In his leisure time he spends time with his family, travels and goes on boat trips on Lake Vänern.

Contact Magnus Haugerud

+46 54 444 2852

+46 54 444 2850


Gustav Lovéns Gata 20, 652 26 Karlstad, Sweden